Modernizing my home computer network

This is a write up about some of the computer work that I did for our home at the beginning of the year. It will be nerdy, so don’t expect it to be entertaining unless you like this kind of stuff. In this I talk about my new server, new desktop, and changing my router.

Passwordless SSH troubles

If you are not a ccomputer nerd, don’t bother reading this.

I’ve been struggling with getting my Backuppc setup working again. My documentation that I had used for previous setups wasn’t working. Specifically, logging into the client from my server via SSH without using a password. After many hours of tracking down what I was doing wrong, I finally figured out that the rsa keys stored in the ~/.ssh/authroized_keys2 have a new home. Since the release of SSH 3, the file it looks for is now just ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.

Tech I use – KeepassX

I spend a lot of my time on the computer. I also spend a lot of time exploring to find out what I can use to make my computing time more enjoyable and more efficient. I think others can benefit from the things I have found, so this is my first of posts that I […]

Make Your Own Inexpensive Energy Efficent Ubuntu Linux File Server: Part 3/4 – Installing Ubuntu Linux

Part 3 – Installing Ubuntu Linux In part two, we discussed putting together the hardware of your server. Now that your computer is put together, plug in your power cord and your Ethernet cord to your router. Since you don’t have anything on this computer yet, you will need a spare keyboard and monitor while […]

Make Your Own Inexpensive Energy Efficent Ubuntu Linux File Server: Part 2/4 – Building the Computer

Part Two: Building the Computer Our first post in this series covered the planning of building our server. Lets get started making a server. First, be sure and read the directions that come with this box. I was successful in not breaking anything when I did what it had to say. There is one screw […]

Make Your Own Inexpensive Energy Efficent Ubuntu Linux File Server: Part 1/4 – Introduction and Planning

Part 1: Introduction and Planning This tutorial is about how to make your own Ubuntu Linux file server. If you are wanting to follow along and are curious about the difficulty of this endeavor, I would give it a 6/10, where 10 is some kind of rocket science thing. I did my best to make […]