23 Oct 2010 @ 7:27 AM 

This week, the Cubs announced that they had made their choice, Mike Quade, for their new manager for their major league team. Towards the end of the 2010 season, Pinella left the team early to go home for “family” reasons. I can’t blame him for not finishing the season as the team was an embarrassment. Mike Quade became the interim manager once Lou left. Interestingly enough, the bench coach, Alan Trammel, was not even considered for the job. When Quade was named interim manager, Jim Hendry, the Cubs GM, stated that Trammel was not made interim manager because he was not going to be considered for the job of manager. Never mind that Trammel is the second in command and takes over when the manager gets ejected. Quade had started the season as the Cubs’ 3rd base coach. He had been the 3rd base coach for the Cubs since 2006, and was the manager for the AAA Iowa Cubs for 3 years. He has spent a total of 17 seasons as coach and manager in a number of baseball organizations in the minor leagues. Quade finished the 2010 season going 24-13.

A number of prospective managers put their hat in the ring for the managing job of the Cubs. Many fans seemed to think Joe Girardi was a prospective candidate for the job, I really doubt it. Granted, he’s an Illinois native, a former Cubs catcher, and really likes the Chicago area. He even applied for the job back when Lou was hired. He has been a successful manager and is currently in the last year of his contract with the New York Yankees. I don’t see him wanting to leave a job with a championship calibre team like the Yankees to try and bring a losing Cubs team a World Series that has eluded other managers for the last 102 years. That and he would come with a large price tag.

Many folks seemed to think that Bob Brenly was a good candidate. He is currently one of the broadcasters for the Cubs television games. People point to his World Series Championship with the AZ Diamond Backs. I personally don’t think that means anything. He came into that team after Buck Showalter built it from its first year as an expansion team, and walked right into a well built team for it to win the world series. He didn’t win any more World Series after that first year.

Perhaps the most notable name that was interviewing for the Cubs managing position was Ryne Sandberg. Yes, Ryno, the Hall of Fame second baseman for the Cubs. A player that has a very large following amongst not only Cubs fans, but baseball fans in general. Personally, I believe he’s the best second baseman to ever play the game, but I’m also a little biased because he was my childhood hero growing up. Ryno not only was a great player in his skills, but the way he carried himself was also really good. He has often been described as a class act.

I have mixed emotions about the whole thing, but overall I am disappointed, which is the same word Ryno used to describe how he feels about the decision. That link has a radio interview with him about an hour after the decision had been made. I’ve read much more negative feedback from fans about choosing to hire Quade instead of Ryno.
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