Glacier National Park

When we got up in the morning, Wendy and I talked about what we were going to do for the trip. The Highline trail was what we planned to hike. In the pictures below you can see the ridge lines with and without snow. The trail was cut into the side of the ridgeline and was very exposed. If we were to continue, we would have had to go up into the snow and risk being up on an exposed trail for the entire day which was planned at 12 miles and going up about 1700 feet. We decided it would be safer to hike back out the way we came into the park. Unfortunately this mean our whole trip was going to be an out and back. We had hoped to make this a loop trip. We were unable to stay in other camps as you have to have a reservation. We were ready to get back off the trail, get a shower, and a good hot meal at this point anyway.

If you look closely you can see the trail cutting across the ridgeline.
Here is a photo of the same ridgeline, but socked in with snow.

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