My Response to the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage

I do have mixed feelings on the decision. As a Christian, I don’t like the idea of the homosexual lifestyle. As a freedom loving American, I also don’t like the idea of our government saying what people can and can’t do with their personal lives. Instead of being upset, one of the pastors of our …

Apparently, I’m liberal

My friends who are aware of my political leanings will find this funny. I made a comment today on a conservative Facebook page, The Weekly Standard, about an article referring to Ebola. I guess when you make any comments that are against the Republican talking points, you are to be labeled as the enemy. I was called an “Obama stooge”. I can’t imagine any point in my life when someone would have mistaken me for that role. It’s crazy. When I’m around conservative people, it seems like I’m too liberal. When I’m around liberal people, it seems like I’m too conservative. I guess this is what I get for not cheering on one of the two teams. Some people….