My Response to the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage

I do have mixed feelings on the decision. As a Christian, I don’t like the idea of the homosexual lifestyle. As a freedom loving American, I also don’t like the idea of our government saying what people can and can’t do with their personal lives. Instead of being upset, one of the pastors of our …

Passwordless SSH troubles

If you are not a ccomputer nerd, don’t bother reading this.

I’ve been struggling with getting my Backuppc setup working again. My documentation that I had used for previous setups wasn’t working. Specifically, logging into the client from my server via SSH without using a password. After many hours of tracking down what I was doing wrong, I finally figured out that the rsa keys stored in the ~/.ssh/authroized_keys2 have a new home. Since the release of SSH 3, the file it looks for is now just ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.

Our Kitchen Range

Yesterday afternoon, Wendy was cooking some cornbread when she noticed it smelled like it was burning. The oven had switched into cleaning mode and was burning the cornbread. It did this about a year or so ago where it got too hot and switched into this overheating cleaning mode. The oven at this point becomes completely unresponsive so I have to go to the circuit breaker and turn off the breaker for the range. Previously, I let it cool down and it worked fine. This time after letting it cool all night, when I turned the breaker back on, it went back into cleaning mode where it got super hot. Looks like the circuit board on the oven is messed up. I imagine it would take a few hundred dollars to fix it. We have been holding out on replacing our appliances because we have plans to redo the kitchen which would include new appliances. We currently have an electric range, but we would like to have gas. There is no gas lines running up to the kitchen at this point. We had to replace our refrigerator a few years ago, so we bought the cheapest one we could find. Thankfully, Lowes was having a sale on appliances. We found the cheapest one in the flyer that came in the mail yesterday and went to the store today. There it was, the cheapest stove they had. Low and behold, we found an even cheaper one. There was a refurbished one at the back of the store of the same model, but was even cheaper than the one on sale. $300 and we get a new range delivered to our house tomorrow with the old one hauled away. Not a bad deal.

Is the FBI creating more terror than the terrorists are?

This is a short TED Talk about ¬†how the FBI has been taking advantage of mentally handicapped and financially strapped Americans and pushing them into becoming terrorists. What better way to ensure your funding than by creating the problems that you are supposed to be solving.