Cotting Christmas 2018

These trips around the sun seem to be getting faster. Life for Wendy and Jason has assumed the ordinary business of keeping our family moving forward.

Mia started Kindergarten this year. She loves school and is doing really well in her studies. She started reading right around the time Kindergarten started. During her first month she decided to write a book with words and pictures. Obviously she gets her academics and love of school from her mother. Mia has also been playing soccer and loves to play. She’s also spent a lot of time this year riding her bicycle. She really enjoys physical exercise. We have been enjoying watching her grow into her loving sweet personality as she has become a little girl.

Cody started Pre-School this year. Its hard to tell how much he likes school, but he seems to enjoy it enough that when we ask him each night what he is excited for the next day, he usually says “School!” Cody has been learning to write his name, recognize letters and numbers, improving his verbal skills, and using his imagination with play. Cody likes to make us laugh and doesn’t like to be serious. Cody has spent a lot of time riding his balance bike and will be moving up to a big boy bike this spring. He loves his trucks and cars, Paw Patrol, the dogs, and playing with his sister.

Wendy still enjoys being an urgent care pediatrician. The company she works for has been going through some rough transitions, but Wendy has come through it. She has been taking up more exercising and enjoys taking the kids places to play. Wendy enjoys cooking for the family and finding new recipes to try. She also has been getting joy from teaching her 3 year old Sunday school class at church. Wendy planned a few campouts for our family that we have all enjoyed.

Jason spends most of his time around home with the family. He got to do a lot of riding of his bicycle during the summer when the weather was nice. Keeping things up around the house keeps him busy. He has also settled into his part time job at our church doing various jobs. Initially he was hired to come up with a system for keeping up with the guests at our church, but that has transitioned into doing various computer work. He has also taken on more responsibility with helping with safety at our church. He’s been keeping up his Paramedic certification with various continuing medical education opportunities. He also attends various shooting courses learning about defensive gun fighting.

We traveled to San Antonio, TX to visit Wendy’s parents. It was a wonderful time being away and letting the kids visit their grand parents. This summer we took a vacation to Teton National Park for a few days. It was a wonderful time in a beautiful place. The kids had fun hiking, riding their bikes, seeing the beautiful sites, and swimming. Wendy and Jason just enjoyed getting away for a little while. We also got to go car camping three times this year. The kids really enjoy camping. Wendy and Jason enjoy the chance to get back to the simple life and sharing that experience with our kids.

This coming year we look forward to spending time as a family and trying to pursue our hobbies as time allows. Wendy and Jason are excited to see Cody and Mia continue to grow and develop as they get older and also to see them grow in their relationship with Jesus.

We hope you all have enjoyed your time this Christmas. May you be blessed in this coming year.

“And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen, as it had been told them.” – Luke 2:20

Cotting family 2018

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