Christmas 2017

Greetings from the Cottings.


Before we had kids, we never realized what parents meant when they talked about being busy. Well, we are seeing how that is a thing.


2017 has been a good year for our family. Everyone is healthy and doing well.


We flew down to Texas this summer to visit Wendy’s family. We had a great time and the kids got to see the ocean. Later we went camping at a campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon which is a short drive from our house. The experience was much better this year and the kids had fun. We also took a fall vacation to NE Utah to the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. It was a beautiful landscape that we didn’t expect to see in Utah. We had a lot of fun this year.

Mia had her second year of school. She was in Pre-K at Intermountain Christian School. She turns 5 next month. Mia, much like her mother, really enjoys school. So much so that she gets excited when we talk about it the night before. Her teacher is wonderful. She has learned a lot of valuable things, and she has started reading and writing some words. Outside of school Mia has also been doing gymnastics, swim lessons, and a soccer camp. Mia loves running, jumping, standing on her head, riding her big girl bicycle, and reading. She is a really good big sister to her little brother.

Cody has developed a lot this year. He had to learn to run so he can keep up with his sister. He has also been doing gymnastics and swim lessons. His speaking has been improving and has recently used the potty for the first time. He turns 3 in February. Cody enjoys being around his big sister, playing with the dogs, riding his balance bike, helping around the house, and playing with his cars and trucks. Cody is a charmer and likes getting attention from people, especially the ladies. Cody has mastered how to
be the little brother.

Wendy stays really busy taking care of the family and working. She takes the kids to gymnastics, school, swim lessons, and during the summer she took the kids to parks to play and ride bicycles. Wendy changed from teaching the nursery at church this year to teaching the 3 year olds. She enjoys cooking and puts a lot of effort into planning meals to keep her family fed. She still enjoys her job and plans to continue with it.

Jason stays busy doing things around the house and helping take care of the kids. He started a part time job last year working for the church doing computer work. He also started volunteering to manage the safety and security group for the church. Jason still enjoys riding his bicycle, but would like to have more time to do it more. Jason has spent time going to EMS conferences to keep up his education hours needed to keep up his paramedic certification (144 hours over 4 years). He has stopped looking for work with the fire departments, but hopes to be able to use his EMS certification somehow in the future.

The dogs are doing well, but wish we played with them more. Panzer turned 1 and Daisy is about 6. Panzer is terrific with the kids and lets the kids crawl all over him without complaining. Daisy has met her match in a fetching partner as Panzer, who is bigger, likes to steal the ball from her.

As a family we stay active with our church. We cohost a small group from our church at our home once a month. Between Wendy’s evening work hours, our tendency to be home bodies, and two small children, we spend a lot of time at home and close by.

We will be staying home for Christmas. Wendy’s parents are staying with us for Christmas and Jason’s parents have lived in town since Mia was born. Jason’s brother and his family will be driving out after Christmas to visit.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season and a great new year.

Jason, Wendy, Mia, and Cody



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