Fireworks in Utah

I tell people who come to Utah, that there’s two things Utah people like

  • Fireworks
  • Guns

Apparently, blowing things up is popular here. I agree, those are fun things to do. Its quite the spectacle on July 4th and July 24th (Pioneer Day, its a LDS UT thing).

July 4th is coming up. I recently saw this posted on the Sandy City FB page regarding fireworks

To celebrate Independence day, the day we declared our freedom from tyranny, you may shoot and buy fireworks but only on certain days and times. Shooting is limited to July 1st – July 7th from 11AM – 11PM. And you can not use

  • Firecrackers
  • M-80s
  • Cherry bombs
  • Bottle-rockets
  • Roman candles
  • Single or re loadable mortars
  • Ground salutes Any other explosive obtained outside of Utah borders.

Am I the only one who sees the irony of this? You may celebrate your freedom but you must do what we say and when we say you can.

Firecrackers? Really? Firecrackers were the first fireworks my dad ever let me light as a small child. It was considered the safe one for me to do outside of sparklers. Nanny state…..

I know there’s probably good reasons for some of the rules, but you have to at least laugh at the irony. Or get angry, your choice. It is a “free” country after all.

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