Glacier National Park

The weather was nice that day. The previous day when we drove across the park on the Going to the Sun Road it was cloudy, and we couldn’t see the views. So on that day we decided to drive back on the road so we could see the view. The views were nice. The road is quite the engineering accomplishment. The East side visitor’s center had a short movie about it. The road is  currently under construction, but they are keeping it open while they are working on it.

Going to the Sun Road

Not long after noon it began to get cloudy and rain again. We already had reservations at the Glacier Park Lodge. It is another historic hotel built by the railroads.  The inside of this hotel was rustic and beautiful, supported with huge ponderosa pine logs.  It was beautiful but unfortunate to see these 300 year old trees cut down for a hotel.

Glacier Park Lodge and 300 year old trees

Heading back home, we decided to take the more scenic route. A contractor we had working on our house told us about Sun Valley, Idaho. He recommended that we drive by as it is very pretty. The roads were much more less traveled than the interstate we took. The scenery was also really nice. We drove all day and got to Sun Valley around 8PM that evening. It was the first time our phones had a decent signal since we had left Missoula earlier that day. We used Google Maps to help us find a place to eat in town. It was a pizza place that made some really good pizza.

Wendy had booked us a room at a bed and breakfast beforehand. We made our way over there and it turned out to be the nicest but cheapest of the rooms we had stayed in during out trip. The caretaker made us an ok breakfast. I was not just real satisfied by it, but it was enough to get us out of town. The rest of the trip was uneventful as we made our way back to the interstate to take us the rest of the way home.

We had a great trip. Wendy and I hope to take another backpacking trip next year. We aren’t sure where yet, but on our wish list so far we have Alaska, the Weminuche Wilderness, Yellowstone, and Yosemite. We’ll just have to see what we can do next.

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