Post Thanksgiving Celebration

Yesterday I flew to Salt Lake City, UT to visit with my girlfriend who lives there. Neither of us had a proper Thanksgiving celebration on Thanksgiving Day. Thankfully, we were able to prepare a feast for ourselves here. Unfortunately, we didn’t start cooking until late in the afternoon. We both worked on cooking the meal together. Thankfully, she had already thawed the turkey, but the entire meal was not ready for us to sit down and eat until 10PM. I’d have to say this was by far the latest Thanksgiving dinner I had ever eaten, but it was one of the most satisfying. Neither of us had ever cooked a full turkey, nor made all the sides associated with a full Thanksgiving dinner. Surprisingly, the entire meal was really good. The turkey was one of the best I had ever tasted. Maybe it was just because it was the fruit of our labors, but it was all really tasty.

The most important thing for me for Thanksgiving has always been getting a chance to spend time with family. My girlfriend is not family, yet, but she is the closest thing to family that I get to see. My Thanksgiving was disappointing back on the acutal day, but celebrating Thanksgiving doesn’t have to happen on the day everyone else does. Just getting to celebrate it with someone else that I love is what was important to me. That and I finally got to have some turkey.

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