Washington Times – NBC rejects pro-life ad using Obama

NBC, being a private company, can choose what they want to run for ads for their programming. Tonight is the Super Bowl, one of the most coveted times by advertisers to get their marketing out. A Pro Life group submitted an ad for the Super Bowl, but it was turned down by NBC because they:

didn’t want to run political or advocacy ads

Washington Times – NBC rejects pro-life ad using Obama

OK, fair enough, but if you read the article above, you will also find that PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also submited an ad. PETA is an advocay group. They were told that their ad was too sexual, but that if certain edits were made, they would be allowed to run the ad. Talk about hypocracy. NBC and their liberal agenda have decided that they will pick and choose what media gets out, as long as it fits the message they want. This is fine, its their company, but they also need to be upfront about why they are picking what ads they want. I will not watch the Super Bowl on NBC this year.

Below is the Pro Life You Tube ad that was rejected:

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