Watching TV Fall ’14

We stopped getting Cable TV earlier this year. It was a great decision that we made. We have managed to save money over those months, and we have also managed to do more productive things with our time. Last weekend, Wendy and I took a short trip to St. George, UT. There was a TV in the room. Actually there were two TV’s for some reason I couldn’t figure out. I turned it on, and quickly realized, I have not been missing anything from live broadcast TV, and then turned it off.  This weekend, I watched the last quarter of the MSU football game. Wow, either I had forgotten how bad commercials are, or they have gotten progressively worse since the last time I was subjected to them. I was considering buying this season’s The Walking Dead, but at over $40, it just seems a bit much. The show has not been as good lately in my opinion. Besides, Netflix has all the past seasons on streaming. I can wait until it comes out on streaming if I decide I want to watch it. I have bought the season for Gotham and have been enjoying it. Wendy and I bought and have been watching this season’s Modern Family and Big Bang Theory. They have been OK, but I believe the writers are running out of material. We may not buy their next seasons. Will have to see. Although I have to admit, it is really nice to watch a TV show without having to grab the remote to skip commercials or have to sit through them. On to better things.

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