Liberal Hypocrisy

I think Bill O’Reilly makes a great point for how liberals self contradict themselves in saying they are for human rights. I have been told that I can not be pro-life as I am for the death penalty. I don’t think that is the same argument, and I sure some would try to argue the ¬†use of “torture” against terrorist is not the same argument as murdering unborn children.

Of course, I don’t see how you can call water boarding someone torture. Is it uncomfortable and scary? Yeah, it is, but it does not do anything to maim or permanently damage or scar someone for life. It’s just harsh treatment. The reason water boarding worked so well is because the terrorists thought they were going to die, but they weren’t. Hoping it would save their life, they spilled the beans. Now that that secret is out of the bag, we will have to resort to other measures that will be less effective.

O’Reilly makes a good argument. What is more important and a larger human rights violation:

  1. Making life unpleasant for a short while for three enemy combatants against the US
  2. Killing thousands of unborn babies for profit

Which topic gets more coverage from NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, the New York Times, and any other large media outlet? Food for thought.

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