Alphabet and Number Blocks

Mia has begun to talk more and identify objects in books and in the world. I figured if she can say the word for a picture of a cow, she should be able to see a picture of a letter and make the sound for it. She has some books and things that have letters and stuff for learning, but none that I was satisfied with. For example, one book has all the letters of the alphabet with a picture and word that uses that letter. However, the letter it shows is just the lower case. I felt like she was missing out on something by not also having the upper case letter there. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make something that I wanted her to have for learning.

When I had made theĀ playhouse for Mia, I put in a wooden floor using 1×4’s. They were a little bit too long to fit, so I had to cut off a little bit on each board. I was left with a pile of squarish 1×4’s. I used these to make the blocks. I went to the local craft store to buy a set of letters and numbers. Then I went to the local home improvement store to buy the spray paint for the colors I wanted for the blocks. I used a hot glue gun to attach the letters to the blocks. I planned this out by making a table so that I got a good mix of colors.

Color table for blocksAlphabet and Number Blocks

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