Apparently, I’m liberal

My friends who are aware of my political leanings will find this funny. I made a comment today on a conservative Facebook page, The Weekly Standard, about an article referring to Ebola. I guess when you make any comments that are against the Republican talking points, you are to be labeled as the enemy. I was called an “Obama stooge”. I can’t imagine any point in my life when someone would have mistaken me for that role. It’s crazy. When I’m around conservative people, it seems like I’m too liberal. When I’m around liberal people, it seems like I’m too conservative. I guess this is what I get for not cheering on one of the two teams. Some people….

Guns, Beer, and Automobiles

Since the tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary school, there has been a lot more attention placed on tougher gun control. President Obama stated in his last 2012 election debate that he wanted an assault weapons ban in his next term in office. It seems hypocritical that he is allowed to have people carrying assault weapons to […]

Washington Times – NBC rejects pro-life ad using Obama

NBC, being a private company, can choose what they want to run for ads for their programming. Tonight is the Super Bowl, one of the most coveted times by advertisers to get their marketing out. A Pro Life group submitted an ad for the Super Bowl, but it was turned down by NBC because they: […]

And you thought the Republicans were dirty….

From the AP News Daschle recently filed amended tax returns to report $128,203 in back taxes and $11,964 in interest. The amended returns reflect additional income for consulting work, the use of a car service and reduced deductions for charitable contributions. Daschle, chosen by President Obama to lead the administration’s health initiatives, is the second […]